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It has always hurt a little bit of me when I’m wandering antique stores, flea markets, or gift shops, and see a stack of vintage photos. The thought that I’m always struck with is that these people went to great lengths “back then” to have their photo taken. Life wasn’t one smart phone click away from, well, everything. These folks had families and kids and other progeny who cared about them and that photo. Somehow, there was a breakdown, and the photos ended up in the hands of strangers. I have often had the thought that, if there were one place for these photos, then possibly they could again find their families.

Pikgen is a labor of love for me, and I hope you join me in that venture. I need help scanning, or taking photos of the found photos, and posting them. I just know that there will be a thrilled family member out there who comes upon photos of family on Pikgen while researching his or her family tree. And those of us who are out there posting found photos can feel happy hearts that we are establishing a home for orphan photos!


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